Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Simpsons Bust-Ups: Series 1

Due to arrive in comic shops tomorrow:
Simpsons Bust-Ups: Series 1 Set
Simpsons Series 1 Bust-Ups™ will be packaged in coffin shaped boxes as this is a Treehouse of Horror series. Individual pieces stand 2-3 inches tall and come in several plastic pieces that fit together like a kit. Set of four (4) includes Bart the Raven, Count Burns, Devil Flanders, and Kang & Alien Maggie. By Gentle Giant Studios.
These have already been sighted at non-comics retail outlets such as Suncoast. Sure, Diamond is getting them into comic shops 2 days after Halloween, but they're still 4 days ahead of Fox, who won't be airing the new Treehouse of Horror episode until Sunday, November 6.

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