Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Frank Gehry in Springfield

In episode GABF08, "The Seven-Beer Snitch" (April 3, 2005), Frank Gehry became the first celebrity architect to have a guest voice cameo on "The Simpsons."

Architecture student David Teoh writes about Gehry's appearance on his blog today, and nicely illustrates it with framegrabs of the episode.

Also, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story on the episode a few days after it aired.

I'm looking forward to seeing "The Seven-Beer Snitch" again, now that I'm familiar with Gehry and some of his architectural masterpieces. I'll have a lot more appreciation for the detail the animators captured, of both the exterior and the interior of his creations.

Top: Famous architect Frank Gehry and a model of the concert hall he designed for Springfield.

Bottom: Frank Gehry's "Walt Disney Concert Hall" in Los Angeles.

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