Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"Queer Eye for the Comic Book Guy"?

From the New York Comic-Con website:
New York Comic-Con Fans… Queer Eye is looking for STRAIGHT GUYS!

If you or someone you know is a cute guy, a die-hard comic enthusiast, but needs some cleaning upEMAIL US TODAY!

We are currently looking for the following characters…

• A fan who needs help getting ready for a major event in his life (i.e. wedding, high school reunion, family reunion, adoption interview)
• An artist who is making his debut at New York Comic-Con
• A guy who has an extreme occupation (i.e. bounty hunter, stunt man, timber cutter, news anchor, weatherman, etc…)
• A fan who is a widower and ready to date again
• A fan who needs to get cleaned up for a job interview
• A fan who is expecting a new baby but his memorabilia is taking up too much space in his home


When applying please keep in mind:

• This is the chance of a lifetime.
• You MUST live in the New York City Metropolitan area--not more than 30 miles away
• You MUST be a straight male between the ages of 25-40.
• You MUST have an outgoing and dynamic personality.

If you or someone you know is great guy with charisma please send photos and reasons why we should choose you / him.

Email: nford@thequeereye.com

You heard them, NYC comic geeks, this is the chance of a lifetime. Or something.

"Worst. Reality Show. Ever."

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