Saturday, November 05, 2005

Russia vs. The Simpsons

A brief history of this cultural conflict:

The Simpsons On Trial In Russian Lawsuit
"The claimant says that the cartoon is filled with propaganda of violence, drugs and sex

The Simpsons Found Not Guilty by Russian Court
"A Moscow court has ruled that a complaint by a Muscovite who wanted the world-famous cartoons The Simpsons and Griffins to be banned from Russian TV was baseless."

Russian Court Says 'Nyet' to 'Simpsons' Suit
"We're not sure how 'Woo-hoo!' translates to Russian, but that's the general reaction from the Russian broadcaster of "The Simpsons" after beating a lawsuit related to the show."

Russian Censors Fuming Over The Simpsons
"Russian MPs have issued a final threat to TV stations to scale back on violent shows like The Simpsons if they want to avoid censorship."

Russian references on "The Simpsons"

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