Saturday, November 05, 2005

Choo Choo Choose This DVD

The high point of not having a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse to buy stuff for on Valentine's Day? More money to spend on Simpsons merchandise...
The Simpsons are back with another holiday-themed DVD! On February 7th, just a week before Valentine's Day, Fox is releasing The Simpsons - Kiss and Tell. This single-disc release comes with 4 episodes:
There are also extras in the form of an Animatic and a Multi-Angle Animation Showcase on this release, which runs 88 minutes and goes for $14.98 SRP in the USA and CA$16.98 in Canada. Video is full frame and audio is Dolby Surround in English, Spanish, & French. Subtitles are in English & Spanish. Since none of these episodes are on DVD yet (the earliest episode on this disc is from Season 9), it will be a great way to get these without waiting.

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