Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bongo Comics: October 2006


by Boothby and Ortiz

Someone's out to kill Bart Simpson, but Sideshow Bob is nowhere to be seen... ­­unless of course you tune into to his new prison reality show. Who can Bart turn to when it seems like everyone is out to get him? And will Sideshow Bob ever learn to speak Cantonese? It's a comic classic to kill for this October!


The city of Springfield becomes ground zero for newly-appointed Fitness Ambassador Rainier Wolfcastle's Battle of the Bulge. But with an entire town on a diet, inspired by the presidential promise of a community water park, only one very fat man stands in the way...Homer Simpson! Then witness the miracle of Springfield, when the statue of Jebediah Springfield starts crying real tears and true believers from all over begin a pilgrimage to the holy site. But does one spiky-haired prankster have a hand (or a hose) in Springfield's newest attraction? (Collects Simpsons Comics #18-19)


by McCann, Trainor and Lloyd

Bart loses control with his new Krusty Clone at Home Kit; Maggie battles Mr. Burns for a mysterious and cursed artifact; and Ralph gets mistaken for a prized pig at the Springfield county fair.

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