Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bongo Comics for July 2006

The new Diamond Previews hit comic shops today, so here we go:
Simpsons Comics #120

by Bates & Delaney

It begins with the pursuit of a home run ball and ends with the downfall of America's greatest pastime. One man will rock the very institution of Baseball down to its foundation in pursuit of the American dream... and lots and lots of money.

Simpsons Classics #9

Patty & Selma lose their jobs at the DMV, and the Simpsons end up with two more cigarette-smoking mouths to feed. Things begin to look up for Marge's twin sisters when they take new jobs as flight attendants, but the skies above Springfield will never be safe again. Then, don't touch that dial! Bart & Lisa turn a local cable access station into a big broadcasting concern. Check you local listings to see if they have the maverick manner to outmaneuver Murdoch. Collects Simpsons Comics #16 & 17.

Futurama Comics #26

by Boothby & Kazaleh

After a freak accident with Professor Farnsworth's Time Rifle, Leela is blown to past, present, and future bits, dividing her into her toddler, teen, and elderly selves. Any way you look at it, there's a whole lot of Leela going on.

Futurama Volume 3: Time Bender TPB

by Boothby, Lloyd, & Delaney

The four-part trilogy returns in an all-new trade paperback collection. Fry, Leela, Bender, and Professor Farnsworth's clone/ward Cubert take an intergalactic trip, and when they return to Earth, they find the planet uninhabited. First, our merry band of messengers must fight off alien invaders bent on claiming the planet as their own. Then they must go in search of their missing colleagues as well as billions of citizens from Planet Earth. And before long the intrepid crew quite literally goes to Hell and back again. Will the world ever get back to normal, or is everyone totally boned?

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Simpsons #120 actually look quite good?