Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bongo Comics for May 2006

Simpsons Comics #118

by Boothby & Ortiz

The lovelorn men of Springfield find that they have little prospect of romance and even less to live for, but when they put their lives on the line by participating in extreme sports, the adrenaline rush makes them feel born anew. The high life brings higher risks and a higher profile, but will it all come to an end with one high impact? Live on the edge with Simpsons Comics in May!

Futurama Comics #25

by Boothby and Kazaleh

Gather 'round and hear tell of the three "deliverers" who fell from the sky and liberated the good and filthy people of Bottingham... and the metal rebel who threw off the chains of oppression and overtaxation and without faint heart challenged the dastardly sheriff... the one who robbed from the rich, gave some to the poor, and kept most of it for himself... Robot Hood! Hear ye! Hear ye! Futurama Comics will set you free this May!

The Simpsons Volume 5: The Big, Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson (trade paperback)

Bart Simpson puts the spring in Springfield with a brand-new collection of comics and stories brimming with delicious donuts, derring-do, water balloons, warm milk, sidekicks, spy rings, moviemakers, Molemen, zip lines, and zombies. Soar above rooftops with three generations of Simpson superheroes. Dive in as Bart and Nelson go head-to-head in an all-you-can-eat battle royale and Milhouse and Martin spend a potentially exciting day without Bart. Leap into action with Bart and Lisa as they enter an enigma of elementary school espionage. And jump for joy that Bart Simpson is back and in the bindings of a brand-new book. Boundless bliss is yours to behold this May! ($13.95)

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