Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bongo Comics for April 2006

The Return of Hank Scorpio!

Simpsons Comics #117

by Templeton

Join Homer and the rest of the Simpson family for a globetrotting adventure that will not only take you around the world but, literally, into orbit around the Earth. And the trip would not be complete without the return of everybody's favorite, eternally optimistic, moonraking megalomaniac, Hank Scorpio. It's a little tale of world domination we call "Sandwiches Are Forever!"

Bart Simpson Comics #29

by Bates, Peyer, and Rogers

Springfield's merry mischief-maker, Bart Simpson, switches places with Ralph Wiggum on "Take Your Son To Work Day" with surprising and potentially life-threatening results. Then, Bart gets a new roommate when he moves into the Retirement Castle with Grampa. Also, Bart and Nelson start their own pirate radio station, and it is not long before radio talk show host Birch Barlow's ratings begin to plummet, prompting a "no holds barred" battle over the airwaves.

Simpsons Classics Magazine #8

Through a bizarre twist of fate that could only befall the stoutest of the Simpsons, Homer becomes the new Duff Beer brewmeister in control of the Duff empire! And then, come back to Simpsons Mountain where the Depression ain't so depressin', and Grampa's memory of the past takes a page or two from other television family histories. Also, Grampa and Jasper have a rendezvous with pop culture, and Itchy & Scratchy (circa 1930) have an explosive encounter in "Kill 'Er Up With Regular." Collects Simpsons Comics #14-15.

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