Sunday, September 11, 2005

Simpsons Super Spectacular #1

Simpsons Super Spectacular #1 hit comic shops this week (Woo-hoo!). It's got a flip cover... Side "A" (with Radioactive Man, Bartman, and Pieman on the cover) has 2 stories: "Holy Cow! Has Pieman Turned Evil?" by Ty Templeton, and "The Crimespree on Springfield 2" by Chuck Dixon and Ty Templeton. Side "B" (with the Radioactive Man comic on the cover) has 3 RM stories by Batton Lash: "Let's See It Again! The Origin of Radioactive Man", "The Little Boy With the Big Dream" and "Radioactive Man and Roargo."

It's no coincidence that I'm kicking off this blog with the info above. Last summer I started working on a website about superheroes in the Simpsons universe, before getting sidetracked for about a year. When I saw the Super Spectacular listed in Diamond Previews, it was the motivation I needed to get back to work on it.

I finally uploaded version 1.0 tonight. As a lifelong comics geek and a fan of since the Tracey Ullman Show days, I suppose it's the website I was destined to create. It took longer than I thought, and there are sections that will have to be added in future updates, but considering I managed to launch it in between the release of the Super Spectacular and tonight's season premiere ("Bonfire of the Manatees"), I consider that mission accomplished.

So if you're a fan of Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy, Bartman, Stretch Dude & Clobber Girl, or the Ingestible Bulk, check it out... they're all there, and then some. And check back here for updates and more superheroic Simpsons pictures to come.

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