Thursday, February 02, 2006

For My Buddies at the Simpsons Collector Sector

File under: "Obscure Simpsons Merchandise"

Articles from Australia's Herald Sun:
Simpsons pins

January 29, 2006

GET ready, The Simpsons are coming to your house.

Herald Sun and Sunday Herald Sun readers have the chance to own a piece of the world's best comedy from Wednesday -- when we release an exclusive set of 16 collectable pins with the show's favourite characters.

Obtain your collector album on Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, start the collection with a free Krusty the Clown pin at newsagents and participating outlets when you buy the Herald Sun.

Every day until Friday, February 17, pay $2 with the token in each paper to complete the set.

Wear them, display them, or keep them safe in the album.

But make sure you don't miss out on everyone's favourite skateboarding rebel Bart Simpson in the Sunday Herald Sun next weekend.

Supplies are strictly limited.

* * *
Fans overload on Simpsons

February 3, 2006

OVERWHELMING demand for the Herald Sun Simpsons pin collection means many shops are temporarily out of stock of the free collector album and free Krusty the Clown pin.

If you missed out, you can place an order with your newsagent.

All orders for the free album or free Krusty pin will be honoured.

Stock will be delivered for collection from your newsagent within seven days of the promotion ending on February 17.

Today, Simpsons fans can collect the second pin, loveable dad Homer, for just $2 from newsagents where you get your Herald Sun.

There are 16 pins in the Simpsons collection -- and they're being snapped up fast.

If you have difficulty collecting any pins in the popular series, you can also place an order with your newsagent.

Home-delivery customers and readers who get their Herald Sun from a shop that doesn't have the pins can present the daily token at any newsagency.

So... any Australians reading this blog?

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Dark Piranha said...

Quick!! Stock up on these and sell them on eBay to crazy Americans!