Saturday, January 14, 2006

White Stripes To Guest Star on "The Simpsons"

The White Stripes, the first and only musical guests to appear on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," (check out the interview and their performances) are set to be Simpsonized, a lifelong dream of the duo's drummer Meg White.


White Stripes to appear in The Simpsons

Meg White's long-held wish comes true

The White Stripes are set to guest star in The Simpsons.

Duo Jack and Meg White will provided their voices and appear in an episode in the new season of the long-running cartoon.

Appearing alongside Homer, Bart and co has been a long-held desire of drummer Meg White.

"A guest appearance would be amazing," Meg said in March 2003, adding, "I wouldn't want to be in a Lisa episode. They're kind of boring. Maybe a Homer one would be better."

The band will join the likes of New Journalism pioneer and author Tom Wolfe and 24 star Kiefer Sutherland, who are also set to feature in the forthcoming season, reports.

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