Sunday, January 01, 2006

Simpsons Comics #116, Futurama Comics #24

Coming in March 2006:

Simpsons Comics #116

by Dixon & Costanza

Homer's dream comes true when the Simpsons find themselves living in the middle of Springfield's newest mall. But the reality of taking up residence in the consumer-driven, commercialism-laden mecca soon becomes a living nightmare for Lisa, who is determined to beat the land developers at their own game.

Futurama Comics #24

by Boothby, Lloyd, & Kazaleh

In the tradition of Futurama's annual "Anthology of Interest" episodes, Bongo Comics presents an issue of inquisitive inquiries and questionable queries that will boggle the mind when Professor Farnsworth's What If Machine reveals the alternate pasts, presents, and futures of the Planet Express crew. Witness the Santa Robot's reign of terror when we dare answer the question "What if it was X-mas every day?" Then Fry poses the question, "What if my life were more like a sit-com?"

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