Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Thanks to a mandatory evacuation of my hometown (something to do with our being directly in the path of Hurricane Rita), I've been away from my computer since last week. Which is my lame excuse for why I suddenly stopped updating this blog. And since it may be weeks before electicity and water are restored, I still don't know when I'll be returning home, so there's no guarantee when regular updates will resume.

Keep checking back, though! There's still lots of cool stuff to come, both on this blog and the supersimpsons.com website.

So, how was "Milhouse of Sand and Fog"? I hope to have cable again by the time the next "Treehouse of Horror" episode airs on November 6.

By the way, "Hurricane Chow" is what the Kwik-E-Mart was selling when Springfield was threatened by "Hurricane Neddy."

Apparently Simpsons Comics #110 will be out tomorrow. Perhaps I'll be able to find a local comic shop in Texarkana (my current refuge).

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