Saturday, February 10, 2007

Manga-Style Simpsons Comic from Bongo

Last month spacecoyote announced on her deviantART Journal that she'd been hired by Bongo Comics to do the pencils on a manga-style Simpsons comic book. To the left is her rendition of Lisa Simpson in the style that she'll be using in the comic.

She also mentions that she's been contacted by 20th Century Fox about working on mechandising art for Futurama, in conjunction with the upcoming relaunch of the television series.

These job offers came, of course, as a result of the massive popularity of the manga-style Simpsons and Futurama cast pictures she posted on deviantART:

The Simpsonzu

Futurama: Super Happy Fun Show

For more updates, you can read her LiveJournal. Also, check out space coyote dot com.

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